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Glass Decor:
About Company

Glass Decor was established in 1999 and is ranked among top 3 Russian companies in the field of glass decoration, based on production figures.

Glass Decor comprises a glass-making facility and a glass-finishing facility, both owned by Glass Decor. Highly productive equipment of Italian, German and English origin is installed at both facilities. Glass Decor controls quality of semi-finished and finished products at each production stage and provides the full range of services to its customers, which is design, production, decoration, packaging and delivery of glass products.


The first Glass Decor facility is launched in oscow region

The facility decorates glass bottles using high-tech Italian finishing lines. Now Glass Decor offers its customers decorated glass products of European quality.  

Further development

Glass Decor further develops decoration techniques for premium glass bottles and consolidates its customer base

Substantial achievements

Glass Décor introduces direct silkscreen printing technology for market leaders. Several premium brands of the Kristall Moscow distillery family are decorated: Staraya Moskva (Old Moscow), Kristall  (Crystal), Posolskaya, and a number of others.

A new technology of bottles acid etching

Glass Décor now offers acid etching technology to its customers, after installation of SAPI Italy acid etching lines at the finishing facility.  

Glass Décor is a leader of glass decoration in Russia, with a nearly 60% market share

Glass Decor emphasizes its leading position in the decoration market in Russia, and presents decoration of other leading vodka brands like Yuri Dolgoruky, Ivan Kalita, Window to Europe, a number of other premium brands

Glass Décor is a pioneer company in electrostatic spraying

After installation of a Glasscoat UK spraying line, Glass Décor is the first and the only Russian manufacturing company to offer its customers the full coating of a bottle by means of electrostatic spraying. Glass Décor customers now can select the look of the bottle from a wide range of colours and also textures.

Entry to new markets

Glass Décor installs a new Kamman (Germany) decoration line and enters new markets by offering its customers the decoration of perfume bottles, wine and beer bottles, as well as soft drink bottles.

New technologies offered to Glass Décor customers

These are luminescent colour print, and print with thermal varnish. Bottles coloured with luminescent colours glow in the dark with UV light, which provides substantial differentiation in points of sale like nightclubs and bars.

Large-scale reconstruction and modernization at Glass Décor facilities

A new warehouse facility of 12,000m2 is built, as well as a new finishing workshop of 10,000m2.
A new Fermac (Italy) 8-color coating fully automated line is installed at the finishing facility. New SAPI Italy acid etching lines and colouring lines are purchased and installed there. As the result of the reconstruction efforts, Glass Décors production capacity is tripled and now makes 15mio decorated bottles monthly.

Glass Décor Logistics is set up

Glass Décor establishes Glass Décor Logistics and purchases specialized transport for carrying fragile glass products, so that Glass Décors customers receive their orders undamaged.

A special laboratory is set up, and a packaging company established

     A new laboratory is set up at the decoration facility. It is equipped with the highly productive European decoration lines to achieve the best-ever quality for the most complicated decoration, with detailed, elaborate fine lines and the most minute detailing. Glass Decor Pack a new company in the family is established to produce packaging of ready products in corrugated cardboard and shrunk PET foil. For this purpose, Glass Decor purchases and installs special items of new equipment at its facilities.

Launch of a new range of bottles

A new range of glass bottles is launched these are the bottles specially designed to accommodate further decoration. The bottle range includes premium bottles with thick bottoms. The company increases the number of decorated bottles to their customers in CIS and European countries.

Glass Décor raises the bar again in the decoration technology

The company installs a new Fermac, Italy line for high-speed electronic printing on glass surfaces. Now it is possible to transfer the complicated process of high-precision decoration of glass bottles to a fully automated routine, as well as cover the whole surface of a glass bottle with terminals and UV-colours.

A new market breakthrough

Glass Décor offers its customers a new decoration technique: print by UV-colours that immediately harden when placed under special UV-irradiators. Now it is possible to print text and a full-coloured image above the fully coated glass surface. This print adds a new and trendy look to a customers glass bottle.  

Glass manufacturing enterprise acquisition

Glass Décor acquires a glass manufacturing plant located in the Vladimir Region, Central Russia. This acquisition allows Glass Décor to manufacture premium-quality Flint Glass bottles ranging from 0.05 to 3.0 litres, as well as to observe quality standards at each stage of clear glass manufacturing, so that the quality of clear glass bottles complies with Glass Décors decoration standards.
One more fully automated manufacturing line for hot stamping is launched at Glass Décors glass decoration facility.

Launch of new vacuum metallisation line

Vacuum metallisation creates a mirror effect on a glass surface. This new decoration technique opens new opportunities to Glass Décors customers to create new, premium packaging of alcohol, food and perfume products.

A certificate confirms quality of Glass Décors glass

The certificate obtained by Glass Décors glass manufacturing enterprise confirms that quality management system for the production of bottles and other containers made of glass for food products fully complies with the requirements and standards of ISO 9001:2008. The certificate also confirms that glass bottles manufactured by Glass Décor fully comply with international standards and technological processes. Glass Décor minimises production risks and improves management processes.

Customer-centeredness is the core point for further sustainable development of Glass Decor and its appraisal by the local and international customers

A certificate from the Federal Quality System is issued for Glass Decors decoration facility confirming the quality of its decoration. A new Fermac line for applying decoration on glass surfaces is installed at Glass Decors decoration plant. This line is purchased to meet the annual demand for decorated glass products of Glass Decors long-standing customer, a leader in the Russian spirits market. Storage space is also allocated at Glass Decors warehouse to meet the demands of this customer. All these measures confirm Glass Decors aspiration to be a truly customer-centred company and further develop its business together with companys key customers.
The warehouse space of Glass Decors decoration facility is further increased by 7,000 m2.
The bottle of Chinggis Gold Limited Edition decorated by Glass Decor for its customer Gem International (Mongolia) gains an award for best packaging in an international competition.
Glass Decor decorates Beluga Celebration, Khanskaya and other new brands of its customers.
Glass Decor manufactures a smart bottle with a new element - debossed lens for the rebranded Belaya Berezka (White Birch) vodka manufactured by Alcoholic Siberian Group.

Glass Décor Customers

For many years, Glass Décor has been developing mutually beneficial business relationships with key market players, manufacturers of premium beverages of both local and international origin. Ladoga Group, Synergy Group, Tatspirtprom, GEM International are just a few names of customers Glass Décor has long been happy working with.

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