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29 November 2017

ELEMENT clear bottle is a new element in Glass Décor’s model range

A new model of Elite range est arrive!
Glass Décor is proud to announce the expansion of its Elite collection product range. Staring from November 2017 we are introducing Element 0.5 litres with neck configuration for camus stoppers. Like all bottles of Elite clear glass range, ELEMENT has a thick bottom and expanded weight of 570g for a 0.5 litre bottle.

ELEMENT bottle, as well as all clear bottles, is manufactured at Glass Décor glass manufacturing facility located in Gus Khrustalny, Vladimir region.

International quality certificate ISO 9001:2011 confirms that Glass Décor products conform to the required international standards and manufacturing processes.

Glass Décor’s clear bottle fully complies with technical requirements for its further decoration.

Impeccable design and quality decoration are distant marks of Glass Décor production quality.

For detailed information about ELEMENT clear bottle, please visit Glass Décor’s satellite website
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