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29 March 2018

Two new awards for Glass Decor

New awards for Glass Decor decoration works from ProdExtraPack-2018
Glass Decor gains two new awards from ProdExtraPack-2018, an international annual contest, for a third consecutive year.

LADOGA clear bottle design and decoration received the highest nomination in the category “Packaging for food products and drinks”.

Thanks to debossing, a complicated glassmaking technology, the figures on the bottle surface resemble snowflakes or delicate snowy figures. Matte bottle surface and tiny snowflakes decorated by direct silk screen print take the spectator to a crisp, clean, sunny winter day.

FLAME TOWERS, decorated for AZ-Granata — our customer in Azerbaijan — received the award in the category “Labelling of food products and drinks”. The bottles are presented in three bold colours — dark blue, green and noble magenta.

To demonstrate the high and distinctive quality of Flame Towers as the brand, Glass Decor team chose several types of complex decoration. These are coating from dead black to transparent magenta, green or blue, direct silk screen print and stamping. Decoration is done on Marseille 75cl bottle manufactured by Glass Decor.

Impeccable look and flawless decoration are distinctive marks of Glass Decor’s premium type decoration.

We appreciate working with our Clients and look forward to launching new bold projects to help our customers develop their business further.
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