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26 June 2017

Glass Decor Russia Acquires Italdecor Facility

Acquisition to Increase Glass Decoration Volumes
Glass Décor Russia acquires Italdecor, the glass decoration facility located in in Skopino city, Ryazan region, Russia. This acquisition allows Glass Décor utilize technological lines installed at Italdecor in order to increase the volumes of glass decoration, install new lines and upgrade the whole production complex, all with the aim to offer new possibilities of glass decoration to Glass Décor customers across Russia and world-wide.

Vladimir Arutiunov, Glass Décor Russia CEO and Founder, commented:
“Since its setup in 1999, Glass Décor offers to its customers the best, technologically new, outstanding solutions, informs customers about the know-how in the sphere of glass decoration, all with the aim to successfully develop our business together with the business of our customers. This customer-centric approach is the core of our activities. We do not just sell glass products. Glass Décor’s mission is to create and develop innovative glass packaging to help our clients further develop their business.
Our decoration facility located in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region does its best to offer Glass Décor’s customers the most advanced, outstanding techniques of glass decoration. We are thankful to our customers who have placed their orders at Glass Decor during the recent years. The volumes of the placed orders sometimes outpaced our production capacities, and it was a challenge for the decoration plant to deliver the orders at the agreed time. We value the long-standing cooperation with Glass Décor’s customers and are always in search of new solutions, so that our standard to be the best local company in the production and decoration of glass products remains the highest ever.
The steady development of Glass Décor business, together with that of our customers, is raising the bar again. The production capacities of the decoration facility yield for extension, so that Glass Décor further delivers to its customers the high quality finished glass products at the agreed time.
The acquisition of Italdecor facility fully answers the business challenges of both Glass Décor and its customers.
I am expressing my sincere gratitude to Glass Décor customers for the partnership. I believe the acquisition of the decoration facility in Skopino answers our mission to offer to consumers the product of the highest ever quality.
By the end of 2017 we are conducting a complex revision and re-equipment of the existing lines at the facility to achieve its further quick and successful implementation into the operational and logistics structure of Glass Décor. During the next two years we will be increasing the production capacities of Glass Décor in order to offer to Glass Décor’s customers new finishing solutions and possibilities, and also to create new working places in the country.”

About Glass Décor Russia
Glass Décor Russia was established in 1999 and comprises the glass production facility in Gus Khrustalny, Vladimir region, the glass decoration facility in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region, the logistics company Glass Décor Logistics, the corrugated board production department, and several trading companies.

The glass production facility manufacturers over 120mln units of flint glass bottles annually, ranging from 0.05 to 4.0 liters. The range of Glass Décor’s clear glass is comprised of Standard and Elite lines and has 52 stock keeping units (as of June 2017).

The glass decoration facility conducts complex finishing of clear glass bottles, with monthly capacity of 15mio units. Glass Décor offers to its customers the most complex decoration technologies, such as vacuum metallization and decoration of the edge of a cone or square bottle.

Glass Décor production facilities are ISO-certified. Several Glass Décor’s bottles are marked with diplomas of international contests ProdExtraPack and GrandEtiquet.

Glass Décor delivers clear and decorated glass bottles to over 30 countries. The list of Glass Décor customers includes and is not limited to Alcohol Siberian Group, Tatspirtprom, BELUGA GROUP, Ladoga Group, Loel (Cyprus), Marie Brizard Wine&Spirits, AZ-Granata (AZ), Armenia Wine (AM), GEM International (Mongolia) and more customers.
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