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09 April 2018

A new decoration line from Switzerland launched in Orekhovo-Zuevo

Meet ANISJA, a fast-speed hot stamping machine
DecoRoll, an innovation fast-speed machine for hot stamping manufactured by Madag, Switzerland has been recently successfully launched at Glass Decor decoration facility in Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region. This 2500kg machine is designed particularly for high-precision hot stamping of round bottles. Unlike other hot stamping machines that operate on plastic, DecoRoll performs hot stamping only on glass bottles.

DecoRoll operates at maximum capacity 50 bottles per minute, or 3000 per hour.

Hot stamping is a frequent method of glass decoration, during which a text or an image, previously imprinted on metallised foil, is transferred directly onto the glass container. The most important advantage of this technology is that the previous stage of glass burning in a hot oven is no longer required, while the quality and vivid colours of the transferred image remain flawless. The benefits of foil, to name a few, are its wide range of colours, shades and textures, as well as its scratch resistance, resistance to wear, and its light fastness. A consumer will definitely notice glass packaging decorated with hot stamping, as metallic colours shine brightly on the coated glass surface.

Glass Decor customers who select hot stamping for decoration of their products, to name a few, are Kremlin Award, Russian Standard, Tatspirtprom, Organica Vodka Group, AZ-Granata (Azerbaijan), Shokhona (Tajikistan), and many more.

“We thoroughly examine the market of hot stamping machines, and Madag is by all means the result of our hard work”, comments Andrey Rusakov at Glass Decor decoration facility. — “First, Madag is an expert of hot stamping technologies, a company with a stable reputation of a very reliable partner. Second, DecoRoll is designed for hot stamping solely on glass bottles, unlike the majority of other machines which operate both on glass and plastic surfaces. Finally, we are personally delighted at Madag’ personalized attitude to the equipment — not only each machine has an individual serial number, but also its own personal name. Our line, for example, is called ANISJA, and that’s how we name it from now on. This very personal approach is cherry on a pie, and an additional factor for our choice of the supplier.”

“We invest in new technologies, which is essential for Glass Decor steady development”, comments Vladimir Arutiunov, company owner and SEO. — “The recent launch of this new technological line is important for Glass Decor to increase lead time for orders fulfilment. To achieve this, we, as a market leader, research international markets and select only the best suppliers, leaders in their class”.

Learn more about ANISJA by Madag and hot stamping technologies — please do not hesitate to give us a call at +7 495 989 2080 (Russia) or +371 66090543 (European Union representative office). We will be glad to discuss your new project.

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