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28 February 2018

Quality of clear bottle, decoration works, competence and quickness are core factors for our customers to recommend Glass Decor

88% of our customers confirm they appreciate to work with Glass Decor
In December 2017 a survey was launched among Glass Decor customers, for them to evaluate the level of customer support, quality of clear glass and decoration offered by Glass Decor. The survey, commissioned by Glass Decor, was conducted by an independent company.

Nearly half of respondents are willing to recommend Glass Decor to their business partners, as the loyalty index (also known as Net Promoter Score) is as high as 49%.

The majority of our customers give a high appraisal of Glass Decor commercial team, scoring it at an average 8.5 points of 10. Below are some statements of our customers:
- My Glass Decor account manager understands the specifics of my company’s business
- He (= my Glass Decor account manager) shows to me the value of Glass Decor products and services to grow business of my company
- I feel Glass Decor values me as their client
- My Glass Decor account manager helps me grow business of my company

Our customers raised specific concerns and shared their views on improving Glass Decor daily operations concerning document flow, delivery schedules and minor improvement in decoration.

Glass Decor management team will thoroughly examine the feedback, particularly recommendations, in order to offer better services to our customers and become a truly customer-centric company.

We highly appreciate the contribution of our customers received in the course of the survey. This is probably the most important factor which helps our company to develop our business, and a major step to help our customers to develop their businesses further. We sincerely thank our customers for their open feedback.

88% of our customers confirm they appreciate to work with Glass Decor.

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