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16 February 2018

Glass Decor is an active participant of Prodexpo-2018 international exhibition

The whole range of clear and decorated bottle, as well as new technologies presented for Glass Decor’s customers
Glass Decor actively participated in the recent Prodexpo-2018 international fair held in Moscow from February 5 to 9, 2018. Visitors to Glass Decor booth had an opportunity to touch and try the whole range of clear and decorated bottle, as well as the recent examples of complex glass decoration. Bottles decorated with UV varnish, direct silk screen print, coating and vacuum metallization were at full disposal of Glass Decor booth visitors.

Laser metallization of glass bottles was a brand new item which Glass Decor was showcasing to its customers and prospects during the exhibition.

We the Glass Decor team are saying a word of thanks to our customers for the exceptionally busy days filled with discussions, agreements and new projects discussed during the far.

Glass Decor’s mission is to create an innovation packaging to help our customers further develop their businesses, and we together with our customers are on the right track, looking into the future with confidence.
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