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10 April 2018

Coating, UV varnish and hot stamping in line to protect rare species

New decoration for Organic Vodka Group
Glass Decor has recently presented to its customer Organic Vodka Group the results of complex decoration for Organika Tiger, a new Organic Group vodka brand.

As Organic Vodka Group informs, ‘Organika vodka brand is dedicated to rare and threatened species that are included into the Red Data Book’. It may be due to this fact that the image on the bottle is the head of Amur tiger (also known as Siberian tiger) composed of small sandy, beige and dark brown tree leaves in a delicate golden border.

The Glass Decor design bureau offered to the Customer to complete the decoration on Radzivill clear bottle, also manufactured by Glass Decor. To achieve complex decoration, the bottle is coated in light blue colour which so much looks like broad Siberian sky on an early morning. The tiger’s head and lettering are decorated with UV varnish, and the delicate gold colour on the border is achieved through hot stamping.

Organika Tiger is available in 0.05 | 0.5 | 0.7 sizes.

Exquisite looks and impeccable quality of decoration are marks of Glass Decor projects.

Learn more about this and other projects and discuss your next project with Glass Decor team at European Department —do not hesitate to give us a call +371 66090543, or send a message to

Please visit Organica Vodka Brand website
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