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28 January 2019

Beauty In Glass

ItalDecor decoration facility displays exceptional growth
In summer 2016 Glass Decor acquired ItalDekor glass decoration facility in the city of Skopin, Ryazan region. Recently ItalDekor’s managing director Sergey GUROV gave an interview to a local newspaper, summarizing the first results and outlining growth prospect.

ItalDekor facility performs all major decorating operations on glass: direct silk screen print, coating, acid etching and water decal. Production figures display stable growth, as revenue has doubled revenue since 2017, and quadrupled as compared to 2016. Product range has been updated by 80%, and employees’ wages doubled, depending on their expertise. Since 2016, we’ve increased the headcount from 80 to 250. Glass Decor has also completed a new warehouse area of 1,700 m², and the current warehouse space of 3,000 m² has been upgraded with a new concrete floor and a strong roof.

It is in the next plan to launch decorations at ItalDekor in a completely new 1500 m² workshop, the equipment for which is already in delivery. The new workshop will increase the production capacity, add a new decoration techniques to these already performed in Skopin, expand the range of decorated bottles. We will also ensure the continuous and stable work of more than 50 Skopin city residents, increasing the number of full-time employees from 250 to 300.
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