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19 February 2019

New ProdExtraPack-2019 awards for Glass Decor

Award-winning decorations for Tchkalovsk — Vancouver and Nerpa brands
Glass Decor’s high standards of decoration are noted by our clients as well as by professionals of the packaging market. For the fourth year in a row, Glass Decor’s decoration has received awards from the international packaging contest ProdExtraPack. In 2019 this award went to bottles decorated for Tchkalovsk-Vancouver and Nerpa brands.

The decoration of Tchkalovsk-Vancouver vodka brand received an award in nomination “Packaging for food products and beverages.” As the brand notes, “premium vodka Tchkalovsk — Vancouver was created to mark the 80th anniversary of the heroic flight of our countryman Valery Tchkalov. The original bottle which resembles an army flask and a harsh label design which symbolizes nostalgia for the Soviet era, are combined with the classic taste of the highest quality drink. ” The decoration is performed on Jens 0.7l bottle of Glass Decor’s Elite range. For the “harsh design” (as described by the manufacturer), we used the complex of advanced decoration technologies like printing with platinum- and gold-containing colours for inscriptions “Premium Vodka” and “80 years to a heroic flight”. Blue coating with a gradient on the front side of the bottle creates the impression of a blue sky in which the plane is directed, the decoration of the plane is done with traditional silk-screen printing and UV varnish.

The decoration of Nerpa vodka brand received the only award in the nomination “Modern means of protecting food and beverages from counterfeit”. To protect the brand from counterfeit, Glass Decor specialists offered the Client — Jupiter-S company incomplete satination (acid etchning) of the bottle with a window in the shape of Lake Baikal on the front of the bottle. Through this window you can observe images of the seal on the back of the bottle. The name of the brand and the graphic image of the seal on the front side are painted with platinum and gold. Incomplete satination with a window is not only an aesthetic method of decorating a glass bottle which highlights a product on the shelf but also a means to protect the manufacturer’s brand from counterfeit. Nerpa brand decoration is completed on Glass Decor’s Marseille bottle of Elite premium range.

We the Glass Decor team express our sincere gratitude to the award jury; however the most valuable reward for us is the trust of our Clients. We value this trust and are ready to fulfill the most robust orders of our company’s Clients to help them successfully develop their business!

Please watch the whole ceremony (Russian only) here
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