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05 July 2017

Glass Decor Proudly Presents a New Decoration Project for its Polish Client

Silk screen printing, satination and golden colour to inspire Oxygen, a new brand of vodka
Glass Decor has recently completed a complex decoration of bottle for our Polish client OXYGEN PROJECTS, for a new brand of the same name.

The Client presents its new product as follows: “The value of the brand consists in its formula and the unique technology of production. A light taste and a pleasant aroma is due to Lux spirit made of high-quality wheat, water subjected to multi-stage treatment, spirit tincture of flaxseed and to a special procedure of oxygen treatment”.

For the decoration, we selected the TONDA clear bottle of 0.7l. Due to satination the bottle is soft and gentle to the touch. Direct silk screen print with golden colours adds bright colours to the taste and general appearance of this premium spirit’ packaging.

A delicate and flawless look of glass bottles are distinctive advantages of Glass Decor’s premium decoration.

We thank our Client OXYGEN PROJECTS for the order and look forward to launch new orders for our customers.

Visit OXYGEN PROJECTS’ web for more information: :
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