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28 September 2017

A new project for Ladoga Group

New glass bottle design and decoration
Ladoga Group, a long-standing and reliable Glass Décor’ partner, has recently launched a new project, a spirit of the same name. We are glad to announce that Glass Décor has successfully completed the new design of the bottle and decoration for Ladoga’s new brand.

Thanks to debossing — a complicated technology of glassmaking — the figures on the bottle surface which resemble either snowflakes, or delicate snowy figures. Matte bottle surface and tiny snowflakes decorated by direct silk screen print take the spectator to a crisp, clean, sunny winter day.

Look at the brand description done by Ladoga Group: “We’ve reflected all that Lake Ladoga is well-known for: expanse, free flow of birds, Karelia forests and famous skerries on a short and frosty day”.

A delicate and flawless look of glass bottles are distinctive advantages of Glass Décor’s premium decoration.

We thank our Client for selecting Glass Décor for its new project and look forward to launch new orders for our customers.

For more information about the product, visit Ladoga Group web-site (in Russian)
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