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Glass Bottles Design and Decoration

Glass Decoration 

Best in class strong drinks manufacturers commission their decoration ideas and bold projects to Glass Decor

Technological advantages

Most advanced decorating technologies, colours and expertise together create state of the art, trendy, exclusive products which are always a success with customers

Full range of services, from design to implementation of the developed decoration

High professional level and quality of decoration

High volume of decoration work within a limited time frame

Quality control at each stage of manufacturing, from clear glass production to the arrival of the finished order at the customers warehouse

Dear visitors to this page, We believe that brief information about decoration technologies as described below will help you understand the subject, as well as provide you with an overview of the wide range of decoration styles available from Glass Décor. Please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more or to discuss your next order. Glass Décor is delighted to offer the following decoration to its customers:
- Comprehensive design, from glass bottle form and mould creation to decoration of the finished product
- Full-colour decoration (silk screen print)
- Full-colour decoration with colours that contain real silver, gold or platinum
- Acid etching
- Coating by spraying special colours or lacquer on the bottle, so that the bottle acquires a matte, glossy or transparent look

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Glass Décor holds an international contest diploma for the manufacturing and decoration of re-branded Belaya Berezka (White Birch) vodka bottle.

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The bottle has a new look due to the debossed lens. Through the lens the consumer sees a typical Russian landscape with a traditional house, a wooden bridge over a river, a church and the white birch which gives its name to the brand: White Birch.

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Glass Décor applied colours which contain real gold to highlight the exquisite and noble character of the customers brand Tsarskaya (Tsars).

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Glass Décor is proud to present decoration of Khanskaya (Khans) vodka bottles from the largest Russian manufacturer Tatspirtprom.

- Vacuum metallisation
- Hot stamping with foil Glass Décor Russia is a pioneer. To date, it is the only local company that offers hot foil stamping. Bright metallic colours and images can be applied on previously coated bottles without prior burning.
- Decoration can be applied on any surface of the bottle, whether rounded, cone, square, or flat. We can also decorate the edges of a square bottle.
- Decorating bottles for your events, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions
- Decorating glasses, mugs, cups, and the like
- Glass Décors design bureau is glad to create a unique design for a customers bottle for strong and soft drinks
- Glass Décor has recently launched a new line of business, namely the development and production of limited edition, tailor-made alcohol bottles for special occasions, with the customers logo and a unique decoration on the bottle. We are happy to discuss special decoration for weddings, birthdays, MICE and customer events, Christmas parties and any other special occasions

Decoration Techniques

The whole range of innovative and traditional decoration techniques at the disposal of Glass Décors customers highlights the exclusive nature of the product inside the bottle.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the most popular decoration method. Currently, manufacturers tend to order it in preferance to the traditional paper label for the following reasons:
- A decorated bottle guarantees the original product inside, as a paper label can be easily falsified. Screen printing on a glass bottle is impossible to counterfeit
-- A decorated screen printed bottle is not subject to any chemical or mechanical exposure like scratching or diluters.
-This protection results from the bottle being burned in a multi-sector high-temperature oven at a controlled temperature. Enamels are baked into the glass surface, and the bottle becomes immune to scratching and chemical agents.
-Glass Décors customers know that the look of the bottle remains intact even after a being transported in severe weather conditions.
-- A decorated bottle has a pleasant aesthetic look. A consumer can check product quality by looking through transparent glass. The fine and elegant decoration gives a classy finishing touch and adds to the impression of the manufacturers care about its consumers.
-Glass Décor has installed Fermac automatic lines for screen printing on bottles, and applies the most advanced lacquers produced by top European manufacturers. Decoration can be applied on any glass surface, whether oval or flat, cone or square, and also across the edges of square bottles.
-Manufacturers of strong drinks advertise their products at the point of sale by using luminescent colours on the bottles. Under UV-light luminescent colours gain an additional volume effect, and the bottle is lit up in the darkness. Glass Décor is glad to offer coating by luminescent colours so that customers can advertise their brands at special points of sale, like nightclubs and bars.

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Acid etching

Acid etching is a chemical process to remove the outer layers of a glass bottle. The bottle now has a frosted, opaque look and a smooth finish. It is no surprise that acid etching is popular with Glass Décor customers, irrespective of the type of business they represent: either strong drinks, or soft drinks and mineral water. Glass Décor applies partial etching for many customer orders and leaves a small window on the bottle surface. Through the window a consumer sees the content of the bottle. The window on the frosted bottle creates the optical effect of a magnifying glass for the image located across the window, provided the bottle is filled with the liquid. Special decorative elements and transparent patterns can be additionally applied to the bottle surface to make it look even smarter and to emphasise the premium position of the customers brand. Glass Décor combines various decoration methods to achieve additional effects for the consumers perception of the brand. We can apply etching, silk print, and coating with gold and platinum colours. Etching is performed by automated equipment supplied by SAPI, Italy.



Coating by electrostatic spraying is performed by means of the Glasscoat UK automated line. We can coat the bottle surface fully or partially. The full range of colours and textures can be applied to the glass surface, from noble platinum, gold and silver colours to vivid and juicy shades, from pearly or matte effects to a transition from one colour to another. Glass Décor offers its customers a special thermocoating technique, with the bottle changing its colour as the outside temperature is reduced. Glass Décor customers order coating with various textures of bottle surface, like stone, ceramic or clay, as well as glossy, matte or transparent surfaces. Coating allows Glass Décors customers achieve magnificent results with different colours and textures. Full coating, imitating coloured glass, is an economical and reliable solution used by manufacturers of strong and soft drinks. Vodka manufacturers usually apply transparent grey and blue, whilst vermouths suit green, and wines look well with clay textures and cobalt. Several of Glass Décors customers ask for a full bottle coating, whilst many other companies coat only the bottom of the bottles. The benefits of electrostatic spraying are as follows:
- High capacity and coating of up to 7200 bottles per hour allows Glass Décor customers to place large orders for rapid delivery
- Homogeneous covering, with automatic control over its thickness, results in the total quality of the coating
- The coating is conducted in a completely closed clear zone, combined with automated coating lines, giving purity and a high quality to the finish
- The hardness and firmness of the coating reduce the negative impact of scratches and chemical agents, successfully passing special tests like washing machines and bottling lines.

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Hot stamping

Glass Décor is the first Russian company that offers its customers the technology of hot stamping. During this process a text or image, previously imprinted on metallised foil, is transferred directly onto the glass container. The most important advantage of this technology is that the previous stage of glass burning in a hot oven is no longer required, while the quality and vivid colours of the transferred image remain flawless. Glass Décors customers select foil for hot stamping from a wide assortment of colours, ranging from the wide-spread and traditional metal gold and silver to textures imitating leather or clay. The benefits of foil, to name a few, are its wide range of colours, shades and textures, as well as its scratch resistance, resistance to wear, and its light fastness. A consumer will definitely notice glass packaging decorated with hot stamping, as metallic colours shine brightly on the coated glass surface. The premium effect is further enhanced by UV-printing. Glass Décors customers order hot printing of containers for strong drinks, and also for other products like perfumes.


Vacuum metallization

Glass Décor is proud to offer its customers a revolutionary new way of decorating upmarket brands with vacuum metallisation of glass surfaces. This is a delicate and complicated technology for creating a thin foil surface and a mirror effect on a bottle. Our customers select from a variety of golden, silver or other colours to create a shiny, glossy surface on a bottle, which the consumer will definitely not miss. Hot stamping and UV-lacquer print add a more dramatic effect to the overall appearance of the product. Vacuum metallisation provides unlimited possibilities to emphasize the product. Be sure not to miss it!

Examples of Decoration

Highest standards of decoration help Glass Décors customers successfully grow their businesses

Bottle design and decoration

The majority of our customers request complex design work

The Glass Décor design bureau offers the following range of services:
- Bottle design, consideration of the technology specifics of bottle production and decoration
- Adaptation of the customers design to production standards

- Creation of the decoration
- 3D modelling and visualization of the final product

As it is important to consider the bottle design and the technology specifics of production and decoration, it is important to create a design which takes into account the type of decoration which will be applied (e.g. vacuum metallisation, or etching, or hot stamping). Otherwise a customers ideas might not be feasible on previously manufactured bottles, or the decoration requires additional expense which has not been budgeted for. That is why Glass Décors design bureau further elaborates, and revises if necessary, the customers initial draft or idea so that it fully meets the technical requirements of the decoration with the result that mass production can be started without difficulty.