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Glass Packaging Production and Decoration

Over 120mln units of Flint Glass bottles are produced annually at Glass Decor’s manufacturing facility
Glass Decor group of companies comprises several manufacturing facilities with the aim to fully satisfy customers’ demands by offering the full range of services of clear glass production and finishing.
Glass Decor group of companies comprises the following units:
  • 1.Glass Decor clear glass production facility
  • 2. Glass Decor clear glass decoration complex
  • 3. Packaging unit
  • 4. Glass Decor Logistics – a transport company

Technological Advantages
We consider recent technical inventions, deploy the most progressive international experience and adopt up-to-date technologies. Reliability, openness and flexibility are Glass Décor priorities in operational decision-making. We take full control of all operations starting from clear glass manufacturing up to arrival of the order at customer’s destination.

Bottero Italy glass forming machines installed

Clear glass manufactured at 2-, 6- and 8-sectional glass forming machines

Design and production of clear Flint Glass for premium products

Transfer to one-drip production to manufacture large capacity bottles

One- and two-drip production lines allow manufacturing of bottles with capacity ranging from 0.05 to 4.0 litres

Production of exclusive, premium type bottles

Product Overview

Radzivill clear bottle is a new launch of 2017

Originalnaya (Original) bottle is a symbol of reliable quality

BB bottle is a new release in 2017

Glass Decor draws special attention to open and sincere cooperation. It delivers premium quality glass products that fully comply with current specifications and requirements, which is proved by international certificates. Glass Decor installs new equipment to increase production capacity, deploys up-to-date technologies and launches new projects.
Bottle production against customer’s order

Clear bottle production against customer’s order

Minimal order quantity 300,000 units

Bottle production against customer’s order

Below are bottle dimensions for your specific order

Bottle dimensions:
- Min height, from bottom to stopper ring, 127mm (2-drop production mode), 101mm (1-drop mode)
- Max height from bottom to stopper ring, 450mm (1- and 2-drop mode)
- Min diameter 30mm (1- and 2-drop mode)
- Max diameter 100mm (2-drop mode), 145mm (1-drop mode)