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Elite range of clear bottles

Glass of European quality
in Russia

Over many years we have accumulated vast experience in creation of glass finishing design. This experience allows us to take up the bravest ideas of our Clients


Elite glass bottles
Glass of European quality is now available in Russia Glass Décor’s long-standing expertise in glass bottles design and decoration now allows us to successfully launch the most ambitious projects
Glass Décor Elite
Glass Décor’s Elite range of bottles is perfect for further decoration and complies with international standards for exclusive products of the highest quality

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Special projects
Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials Division manufactures thermocontractable foil and 3-layer cardboard. These are the most popular packaging materials for storage, transportation and protection of glass products.

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Alcohol souvenirs

Glass Decor is glad to offer you a new and exclusive product: be sure and place your order for a limited number of bottles with alcohol, finished in the corporate style of your company. A traditional strong drink in a bespoke glass bottle for your company.

Индивидуальный, неповторимый дизайн бутылки для традиционного напитка именно для Вашей компании

Bottle of any capacity ranging from 0.375 to 3.0 liters.

A highest quality strong drink at a reasonable price

Set of documents prepared according to your requirements

Your order will be ready at the right time and delivered to the right place

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